They say it takes a village to raise a family. Well, it takes one to run a nonprofit too. THSBA is a completely volunteer organization and we exist only because of the wonderful members of the community who give their time and talents.

Please consider joining THSBA as a volunteer.

Below are a list of current volunteer positions needed in THSBA. Not all of them are currently available, but if you are interested in one please still sign up. We will contact you when the position opens up to see if you are still interested and available.


Public Relations

This position would include finding publicity for THSBA and networking with other charities, organizations, and businesses for THSBA to partner with. This would likely take 1 hour per week.

Social Media Manager

THSBA has several social media accounts to highlight the students’ experience, distribute information, and connect with the community. This position would be in charge of managing our various social media accounts. It would likely take 1 hour or less per week.

Board Positions

THSBA is governed by a board of directors. Directors have a 1-year term beginning the end of June. Incumbent directors have priority to keep their positions, but there is inevitably turnover. Below is a list of Board Positions. Please sign up if you are interested in being on the Board of Directors and we will contact you with more details.

Thank you for volunteering with THSBA!