The Triangle High School Ballroom Association is a local nonprofit in the Raleigh, Cary, and Morrisville area committed to providing quality opportunities for high school students to learn, perform, and compete in ballroom dance.

THSBA is a completely volunteer organization. We are able to function only because of monetary and volunteer contributions made by the community. We thank all who have contributed and invite more to join us!

What We Do

THSBA has two primary functions:

We network between local ballroom dance studios and high school ballroom clubs in the Triangle to provide students with the opportunity to be taught by professional instructors in their club. If schools don’t have a ballroom club, we help them organize one.

We organize showcase events for students to perform the dances they are learning. We also organize an annual dance competition for students to compete in, if they wish.

Our Story

THSBA’s founder Ben Daniel competing in the 2019 BYU Dancesport Championships.

In the fall of 2016, THSBA’s founder Ben Daniel was a student at BYU and had taken a ballroom dance class that semester. He quickly fell in love with ballroom and when the BYU Dancesport Festival, an annual ballroom dance competition hosted by the university, took place, he watch nearly all of the two-day event. Among the competitors were teams from high schools throughout Utah. He noticed several of the students from those teams were also competing (and winning) in other, high level events.

Watching these students compete made him wish he had had a similar opportunity during his time in high school. Or, at least, that high school students in his hometown could have that opportunity now. The thought stuck him: ‘why couldn’t they?’. He stewed on the idea for a few years and in early 2019, he began reaching out to ballroom studios across the Triangle to gauge their interest in teaching high school students in after-school clubs. He received an overwhelmingly positive response and the Triangle High School Ballroom Association was born!

The Triangle High School Ballroom Association was officially incorporated in August 2019 and hopes to build a legacy of creating incredible, lasting experiences for high school students through ballroom dance!